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Next Olympic and Paralympic will be held in Tokyo in 2020. Are you planning to go there? If you are should start planning now.
If you like Tonkatsu ... You really have to go there for an experience. Of cause they have one of the best Tonkatsu. But you will be amazed by the cleanness of the restaurant and wonderful atmosphere....
For years, sushi has been the unquestionable popularity champion of Japanese food in the US, but in recent years ramen has risen as a formidable challenger.
The Suica is a prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping. There is no more need to buy a ticket from a vending machine. Just touch your Suica to the ticket gate and the fare is automatically...
There are many places you are asked not to talk on the phone. - Restaurant / Coffee Shop - In a bus or train - In a elevator Basically, people do not want to hear your story. If you need to talk, go s...
Japan Fair 2018 will take place in Bellevue, Washington on July 7 to 8, 2018. It will attract more than 20,000 people around Bellevue. If you would like to exit, the cost is $500 but of you register b...
7 Years ago, Took area of japan experienced 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. It took over 18,500 lives and crippled nuclear power plants. One point we had over 400,000 evacuees. How there are still about 7...
Japan Standard Time US Pacific Standard Time Los Angeles / Seattle
Only in Japan there are different flavors of Kit Kat. Strawberry Citrus Golden Blend Pear Shinshu Apple Edamame Soybean Purple Sweet Potato Hot Japanese Chili Cinnamon Cookie Strawberry Cheesecake Blu...
As far as I know Japan I the only country where you can buy a beer like drink that has no calories, no sugar, no alcohol (0%). I really like the drink