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If you know the right people, you can get a great sashimi dinner in Seattle.
政治や事件からホットな話題まで… 日本で起きた出来事を中心に注目のニュースをまとめた番組を30分ごとにお送りしています。 (日本国内で数時間以内に放送したニュースを中心に再構成しています。) ※この番組は日本国外でのみ視聴できます。 隔週で1回、日本時間の午後4時から20~30分ほど、システムメンテナンスのため、一時的にストリームを停止します。...
If you have question about Japan or Japanese Language, pleas use Japanese-Online community bulletin board.
Kimigayo 君が代 ... Japanese anthem is one of the oldest anthems in the world and is the shortest anthem in the world. Kimigayo means "His Imperial Majesty's Reign"....
Often people are confused about Tonakatsu and Tonkotsu ... Ton 豚 means pork. Katsu カツ means cutlet. Kotsu 骨 menas Bone. The picture you see is Tonakatsu とんかつ Tonkotsu is a type of broth (soup) created...
I get urge to eat noodles ... For that I really want to go to Japan. Message to people in Japan. I heard it is super hot in Japan. Please take care of yourself. 猛暑お見舞い申し上げます。...
Honda Super Cab is the most poplar vehicle in the world, But it is not currently offers by Honda in the US. But starting 2019, Super Cab is coming back to the US. I love it.
This is the busiest crossing in the world.
There are customs in Japan to give a gift in the summer and winter. The summer gift is called "Ocyugen お中元" and the winter gift is called "Oseibo お歳暮". Our company give cherries from the Washington St...
I bought a pair of glasses at the shop called 369 Plus in Okachimachi. This includes eye exam. The frame I chose was the cheapest but it came with the Hoya UV coated thin lens. Buying glasses might be...