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You non’t Have to go to the tourist spots in Japan to enjoy the beauty. This is Ashiya ... I was born here.
I was able to see Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen yesterday.
This supermarket in Omari Ichinomiya is the brightest, cleanest, largest and maybe cheaptest supermarket I have ever gone in Japan.
There’s many famouse restaurants in the Kanda District of Tokyo, Here are some of them. The most famous one is called 藪蕎麦 Yabu Soba....
Lunch at hotel arcade ... Nice lunch.
Beautiful Wednesday in Tokyo.
Bloguru is developed, owned and operated by PSPinc. It is an advertisement free blog service which you can upload unlimited photos. There are many Japanese language users, you may find it useful. By t...
ひとりなべ HiToRiNaBe A hotpot for one. It is a trend in Japan to be alone ... so there are many restaurants targeting single person. When I travel to Japan, I sometime eat alone. I don't feel lonely when ...
I am flying to Tokyo soon. I will be flying to Tokyo via Incheon, Korea by Asiana Airlines. I hope when Japan Airlines start flying to Tokyo from Seattle, the competition ill drive price down.
Omotenashi is hard to define, but Japanese use it to describe what they believe is their unique approach to hospitality. Omotenashi involves the subjugation of self in service to a guest, without bein...