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Shinjyuku Golden Gai (Street) has some of the smallest bars in Japan but it is always packed with people.
When you go to Japan, try visiting a barber shop in Japan. You should look for haircut and shave and shampoo price for 2,500 ~ 3,900 yen. You don't need to go to places that charges any more. I would ...
The next summer Olympic is 2 and 1/2 Years away.
Kaiten Sushi ... Sushi made quick and inexpensive.
Tokyo never sleeps ... well, at least not until the last train leaves. Did you enjoy nights in Tokyo? Tell us if you can. Whatever happens in Tokyo will stay in Tokyo ... I guess.
Eating Japanese food is healthy ... But they are so good that I ate too much. I gained 8 Lbs in Japan ... So far I was able to loose 5 Lbs out of that.
Well, if you are into low carb diet, don't go to Japan. There are so many good food at good price, you would be crazy to pass them up and eat low carb in Japan. Good thing about Japan is you walk a lo...
One of the best things happen in Japan was the development of 100 Yen shop. It is amazing to see things you can buy for 100 Yen. What is the favorite thing you bought at 100 Yen shop?
When you travel overseas, you sometime forget how much you are spending. Some of the places design to serve tourists are often over priced. Try to eat where local people eat. I visited Kuromon Market ...