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I’m traveling west today. I’m eating my 1130yen lunch on the train. Yummy....
I do not understand why this is even legal in Japan. Propel dressed up as Nintendo characters ... Hmm Is this an altar action for foreigners?
This si one of the best design taxi ... not any car I have been on in a long time. I would buy this car if it ever becomes avaiable fot public.
Wow ... It was a fusion of Japanese and French meal. It is a Cauchy restaurant in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. All the seats were full of people including the counter. The only thing is there were only three mal...
I had a Grand Buffert at New Otani Hotel last night with my friend. It was his request and was wonderful ... except I was hoping they had some Japanese sushi and sashimi. THe roast beef was great.
This lunch is 4,900yen ($45) ... Expensive? Sure it was but it was really good. It is called Unajyu うな重 Try it when you can....
Unless I have a breakfast meeting with someone, I just pick up a sandwich from the convenience store and eat it. I picked this up o at the first floor of the hotel and was on 1/2 price because it was ...
After 9 hours and 40 minuets, I arraigned in Narita. Took bus from the airport to the hotel. This the view from my room. What you see is Mt. Fuji and Shinjyuku Downtown.
I am traveling to Tokyo tomorrow until the 15th. I will do the reporting from Japan. By the way, I will be flying ANA from Seattle to Tokyo tomorrow. I have never flown ANA out of Seattle before.
When you visit Japan, you can use your VISA, MASTER CARD and AMEX like you do back home with exception of ... people may ask you following question. "Do you want to pay it at once?" 「いっかつでよろしいですか?」 Wh...