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I has Mediterranean lunch today. I don't remember ever seeing Mediterranean place in Japan ... I am sure there is but there i snot so many. One good thing is that Japan is getting ready for 2020 Olymp...
Steak salad ... actually any salad as a stand alone meal does not exist in Japan. Salad is something you start your meal with. Not a meal by itself.
A prominent business executive has been arrested on suspicion that he may have underreported his deferred compensation to the government. He has been interrogated without his lawyers being present and...
I do not know why but eggs are much cheaper in Japan than the US. Japanese people consume row eggs ... so they must be tested for that too.
Do you think steaks a better in the USA? How about steaks in Japan? I am not talking about Wagyu or Kobe Beef Steak. I am talking about an Angus Beef Steak. Japanese Ikinari Steak has a good Angus Bee...
We our holiday party on the first Friday of December every year. Look what we have served?
People in Japan, and Tokyo in particular, work a ridiculous amount, in a way that’s hard to comprehend if you live in, say, sunny California. Take a former student of mine, Naoko, who worked as a prog...
Evangelion ? $3.50 for vending machine soda ... Maybe because of the shoe of the bottle. I should have bought it.
Japanese people consider themselves most as Buddhist and Shinto Believer. But they are not so religious at all. They go to Cristian church in the Christmas and go to Shrines and Temples on the New Yea...
When I travel to Japan, I usually spend most of my time in the city like Tokyo and Osaka. But once in a while I get to travel and relax at countryside. Japanese garden and onset (hot springs) are my f...