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こんにちは! Today, I want to talk about “食欲の秋 (shokuyoku-no-aki).” “食欲 (shoku-yoku)” means appetite, and “秋 (aki)” is fall. So the phrase literally means “Fall (is the season) for appetite.” In other words...
What you should know about Shinjyuku.
Today was the Japan week at Bellevue College. I went there and purchased couple of things at the flea market. I met some people.
Why there is no mass killing using guns in Japan?
Unlike the US market, there are more different flavors of Kit Kats in Japan. You may want to pick some up when you are in Japan. Those make great gifts. Trust me, I brought some back from japan and th...
An Early 20th Century Guide to Wave Designs for Japanese Craftsmen is Now Available Online In 1903, Japanese artist Mori Yuzan’s wave designs were published in a resource guide for Japanese craftsmen ...
There is no need for you to have a car in Tokyo and other metropolitan cities in Japan. As a matter of fact, trains are so reliable and fast, you really save tome and money over other ground grasporta...
This is Suntory's All Free Beer Tasing Drink. What's not included amazes me. (1) Alcohol Free (Completely 0% ... not 0.5%) (2) No Calorie (Like a diet Coke ... No Calorie) (3) No Sugar (Are you diabet...
Fill is the best seasons to visit Japan. Except for some typhoons ... 紅葉 Kouyou is the term used to describe leaves turning red....
She is speaking very good Japanese.