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How about both?
This is one of favorite restaurants in Tokyo. I will go there next time I am in Tokyo ... I hope I have time.とんき-目黒店-目黒区-2...
We all know what sushi is ... or do we?
If you are a Japanese language teacher ... Please register at It is a free service off
We asked people to register as a Japanese language tutor at After people has registered, we have send the question to qualify ... The result is=, now we have three peopl...
Few weeks ago, we have cooked Japanese curry at our office. It was a hit. We should do it again soon.
12 Things Not to Do in Japan.
Up to 3,000 people cross this world famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing
What do you bring back from Japan as gifts? On the last trip, I went to several 100 Yen shops and purchase whole bunch of many things. Other time I went to many convenience stores and bought about 70 ...
酒 / Sake Japanese alcohol drink made from fermenting rice. You can drink it hot, warm, cold or room temperature. It goes well with many Japanese dishes. For while, people did not drink Sake. Instead t...