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I love 鍋ぞう Nabezou restaurant in Tokyo. One I go to is in Shijyuku Higashiguchi. For $30 - $40 ... you can eat as much of everything.
We will start publishing teachers online at Please register if you want to be listed. We will contact you when you register.
I am planing to go to Japan in the middle of January. I cannot wait to eat at new restaurants and find more thing at Depachika デパ地下 and Convenience Store コンビニ....
When you compare FedEx trucks in Japan and the US ... This represents the size difference. I thought it was funny.
Most popular cars in Japan are so called "One Box Car". They look like a box ... maximum space inside. People do not drive very fast in Japan. So they are not designed to go fast or quick. That may be...
When JAL was flying from Seattle to Tokyo many years ago, JAL had an office in Seattle. They send me this beautiful calendar every year but I stopped receiving it when JAL left Seattle. Now they are c...
Ema ("picture-horse") are small wooden plaques, common to Japan, in which Shinto and Buddhist worshippers write prayers or wishes. Make sure you do not write...
When I was growing up in Japan, I have never heard of Halal ... but recently when I go to Japan, there are many restaurants that has Halal sign in the front. I believe Halal is available in the city l...
This is a bird's eye view of Tokyo station. This picture was taken from Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi. It was nit that expensive when I stayed there.
PSP can help you build Japanese market both in Japan and in the US. Yes, there is a Japanese market in the US. The first step is to create a Japanese language website. PSP can make your website biling...