Akihabara or Akiba

Do you know the term, "Otaku"? Otaku is a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills. And the Akihabara is the center for Otaku culture in Japan. Akihabara is also know for Anime, Electronics, Pop Culture, Maid Cafe ... I took those pictures few years ago.

Katsuouji - Drama Temple

Those picture were taken at Katsuouji temple in Osaka. This temple is know for many Drama dolls ... When you have a chance to visit Osaka, you might want to visit Katsuouji.

Japanese Curry

Do you like Japanese Curry (KARE-)? Do you put Worcestershire Sauce or Soy Source? What kind of topping do you like? Do you like Katsu Curry? How about Row Egg? White rice or brown rice?

Reader Contribution ... Thank you Jane!

5 Memory Hacks for Learning Japanese Fast & Easy Do you want to learn Japanese but don’t know where to start? If this sounds like you, then we have a few useful tips on how to improve your vocabulary and exposure to the Japanese language. In this guide, we have combined useful hacks to help you practice and learn Japanese fast and easy. Tailor Your Methods Let’s face it - learning kanji is not...

What is Eki-Ben? えきべん or 駅弁

Eki means "Train Station" in Japanese. Ben is short for "Bento". Have you had Eki-Ben before? How did you like it. Do you have a lunch box (Bento) in your country. If you do, please hare with us ... by picture, I mean.


Where is this aquarium located in Japan? Does anyone know?

Where in Tokyo is this place?

This place is always packed with people. If you like shopping and looking at young culture in Tokyo, you must visit this place in Tokyo. Do you know where this is? Tell me the street name and the Japan Rail (Yamanote) station name. If you have been there, please tell us what you thought of?

Where is this?

This should be an easy question. Can you tell me where this is.

Fish Head Answer

Many of you already know when serving fish with head, you need to place the head heading left like this picture. Also you might want to know that you should place rice on the left and the miso soup on the right like this picture. But some people argue that rice and miso soup should be reversed. Many items in Japanese society are designed for right-handed people.

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