Amazing Japanese Instant Foods

This instant soup is amazing. Just pour hot water and it becomes a real good soup with onion. Amazing. What is your favorite instant foods? Noodles?

Do you know where this is?

Do you know where this statue is found in Tokyo? If you know this character ... You really know Japan.

Do you know what Anthropomorphism is?

Japanese people like Anthropomorphism ... or representing things that are non-living things by cute living characters. What character you like in Japan?

What I bring back from Japan.

When I travel to Japan on business, I try to bring back OMUSUBU from the convenient stores to the US. You cannot bring any meat products from Japan to the US, but seafoods are fine. I buy over 50 OMUSUBI every time and people in my office love them.

Ladies Only Train Car

There are train cars in Japan dedicated to the female customers only. If you go Japan, please be careful. If you make mistake getting on the ladies only car, just move to the other cars. That is if you are male.

Cosplay at Japan Fair 2017

Cosplayers at Japan Fair 2017 ... at Japanese-Online booth. Contributed Article

How Music Can Help You Learn a New Language Language and music are deeply entwined. They are sisters to each other, both rooted in rhythm, tone, and melody. Likewise, they both have a learning curve to the newcomer. But, the beauty is, these two can be combined for an incredible result; learning a new language with the help of music is incredibly effective. It was previously thought that language ...

Japanese Animes --- Learn Japanese

Many people start learning Japanese because they wanted to watch Japanese Anima in its native language. What is your favorite anime? Can you name those anime pictures above?

Japanese Bowing

Bowing is a very protective but very common way to say "Hello" and "Good Bye" in Japanese culture. When our Japanese guests leave the company, we say good by by bowing our heads.

Japan uses Metric System and More ...

Japan uses metric system. So, please looking for an apartment or office space in Japan, the size is shown in square meter rather than square foot (in the US). So, if the space is 50 square meters, it is 538.195 square foot. In addition to sum, Japan uses "TSUBO 坪" to show how large the space is. TSUBO is based on two Tatami Mat size. Two Tatami mats create a square space that is 3.3 square meters....

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