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Good, Fast and Cheap ... You really need to try Japanese fast food chain of restaurants. htt...
I was at COMPUTEX last year and I just book a ticket to go to COMPUTEX TAIWAN again this year. It will be held June 5 to 9.
Every large metropolitan cities in Japan have some districts that are for "drinking" and other adult activities for young an old. Something you might find interesting. Prostitution is illegal in Japan...
Do you like UNIQLO? If so, they have a sale.
Did you know there are more dogs registered as pets than people under the age of 18? Either Japanese love dogs or they hate kids ;)
I would like to visit Japan before it gets too warm in the summer. When is your favorite time in Japan? And why?
You don't call anyone by the first name until you know the person so well.
One of the best ways to enjoy Tempra is to have them cook rogation front of you and served as they cook. They are so great. When you are in Japan, you must try this.
Japan has a lot to offer. From the rich history and newest inventions, people find many things about Japan that is interesting. What do you like about the most.
It is rare but you still find some street food vendors and shops in Japan. Try them when you are in Japan.