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I found this today. Free software for Japanese Learning.
You have seen this small package inside the food item wrapping in Japan. This thing is called AGELESS, An oxygen absorber is a small sachet used to keep products safe from things like mold and extend ...
When you visit Tokyo ... You want to visit Tokyo Tower and Roppongi District. It is fun place for Japanese and foreigners. Built in 1958, Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) is a communications and observation tower ...
Not all the good and beautiful places in Japan are listed in the tourist map. Sometime, you just need to wonder around to find something special in Japan. This is one of my favorite places in Japan. T...
I am traveling to Japan at the end of this month. Is there anything you want me to report on? Please let me know.
Such a moving story.
When you travel to Japan, something are cheap and some are expensive. Pain killers like Buffering, Tylenol and Advil are very expensive compare to the US. So, when you travel to Japan, bring some of t...
Long time ago, I saw an elevator with Tatami. Only in Japan ... I guess. I wonder if you have to take your shoes off.
Please tell me what you think of products in general that are MADE IN JAPAN? What do you own that is made in Japan?
Japanese companies usually has domains. There are only one domain per company and it must be registered as a Japanese legal entry to receive this domain. For companies wishing to have mo...