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Many people of western cultures cannot eat fish with their heads. We are so used to it. Can you handle fish with head? This is さんま / Sanma or Pacific Saury Very popular;ar fish in Japan. It is called ...
Robata Yaki ... 炉端焼き Ramen ... ラーメン (He said Tonkatsu Ramen ... but correct pronunciation is Tonkotsu Ramen) Yakitori ... 焼き鳥 (Yakitori is Chiken ... No other meat os called Yakitori) Chanko Nabe ... ...
How can a small girl like this eat this much food? This food must be more than 10% of her weight. What she is eating os CoCo Ichiban curry Level 10 Hot.
Most popular Japanese breakfast all Japanese love. It is called Tamagokake Gohan.
As much as 3,000 people cross this crossing every time. One of the busiest scramble crossings in the world. It is located north-west side of JR Shibuya Station near the statue of Hachi.
I really want to focus on making Japanese-Online a community portal site for People Interested in Japanese People Japanese Language Japanese Culture Japanese Food Japanese Fashion Japanese Technology ...
Please tell us what you would like to see to have. We want to make it more interactive ... so we are planning to have bulletin boards for different subjects.
When you leave Japanese airports, do you noticed the ground crews stand in line to wave at your plane leaving. Do you know this came from? It may have started when Japanese war planes take off, ground...
Our designer designed it ... I made it into a plastic bumper sticker. I really love it. I really love Pompom, my dog. If you want something like this made, please let me know.
I created a character for my dog and created stickers. If you like anime ... wa can create anime character of your pet or even yourself.