原宿 Harajyuku

Habve you ever heard Harajyuku? What did you hear about it? If you have been there, tell us what do you think of the district?

Japanese Train System

Have you ever been to Japan? If so, what is your impression of Japanese train system? Japan has one of the most well run train systems in the world. It is so funny to see PA system apologizing for train being late for 2 minutes.

Fun Fact about Japan!!!

Taking escalator up or down, when you do not want to walk, which side of the step do you stand? In Osaka (or Kansai ... West Side of Japan), people stand on the right side. But in Tokyo, people stand on the left. Does anyone know why? Visit blog at where you can post your won comment.

Welcome to's Blog!!

Hello, everyone, We start blogging about From now on, we are going to publish much information about Japanese culture and language. We hope that you will be looking forward to it! Here is link

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