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Eki means "Train Station" in Japanese. Ben is short for "Bento". Have you had Eki-Ben before? How did you like it. Do you have a lunch box (Bento) in your country. If you do, please hare with us ... b...
Where is this aquarium located in Japan? Does anyone know?
This place is always packed with people. If you like shopping and looking at young culture in Tokyo, you must visit this place in Tokyo. Do you know where this is? Tell me the street name and the Japa...
This should be an easy question. Can you tell me where this is.
Many of you already know when serving fish with head, you need to place the head heading left like this picture. Also you might want to know that you should place rice on the left and the miso soup on...
In Japanese custom, which should you place broiled fish with head? (A) Right (B) Left (C) Whichever you want There is a correct answer.
Unlike Europe and North America, Free WiFi hotspots are harder to find in Japan. Some of the services that they say available are only for subscribers. However Japan is working havers hard to provide ...
Olá , preciso de uma ajuda. Gostaria de saber como se escreve em kanji "Polícia comunitária" Above is translated to ... Hi, I need some help. I would like to know how to spell Kanji "Community Police"...
So you have lived in Japan? How do you like it or not. Tell us what we should know about Japan. Please write a comment on this post.
We'd like to introduce some useful words and phrases when you are in Japan. Today's word and phrase is the following. Words: 抜き(Nuki) Meaning: Without ─ How to use ─ Japanese: 玉ねぎ抜きでお願いします。(Tamanegi n...