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Do you like Japanese Ramen or Japanese Curry? Which do you like?
Why do you think ordinaly places like those on those pictures look so calm and beautiful in Japan? Is that the air?
One opf the best way to enjoy Onsen (Hot Springs) on the budget is gop on the day trip. This onsen in Kyoto offers Onsen and Lunch for 2,000yen (Under $18.00). What a great deal. There are many deals ...
All teas came from China. 茶 is the kanji word for "Cha" or Tea. If you want a tea, you say "Ocha o Kudasai." Water is 水 mizu. If you want a whter, you can say "Omizu o Kudasai." What is O before Cha a...
If you have a chance, try traditional Japanese restaurant called Ryotei. 料亭: A ryōtei (料亭) is a type of luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant. Traditionally they only accept new customers by refer...
This branch looks like a word HITO in Japanese. Doesn't it look like person walking?
You shpuld not refrain from eating on the local trains. But when it comes to long distance train, you are allowed to eat at your seat. The rule of thumb is that if there is a table, you can eat your b...
For the price, this is absolutely the best tempura lunch you can get in Japan. The place is called MAKINO and their main store is in Osaka. You got to try this.
Some of you already know there is no UBER or Lyft in Japan. All taxi cabs are licsed and issued a green licenseplate. Any taxi operating without taxi cabs license are called Shiro-Taku (White Taxi). I...
I just came back from Japan. I have taken many pictures and video in Japan. I will share them with you soon. Today, I am little tired ... So let me leave you with the picture of Bento selling for 380 ...