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前回(ぜんかい)日本(にほん)鉄道(てつどう)発祥地(はっしょうち)である新橋(しんばし)をご紹介(しょうかい)しましたが、新橋(しんばし)(えき)から山手線(やまのてせん)内回(うちまわ)りに乗車(じょうしゃ)すると有楽町(ゆうらくちょう)(えき)、その(つぎ)東京(とうきょう)(えき)です。東京(とうきょう)(えき)山手線(やまのてせん)内側(うちがわ)出口(でぐち)(まる)(うち)外側(そとがわ)八重洲(やえす)()ばれています。(まる)内側(うちがわ)()てそのまままっすぐ(すす)むと、三菱(みつびし)系列(けいれつ)企業(きぎょう)のビルが()(なら)んでおり、(さら)(すす)むと皇居(こうきょ)辿(たど)()きます。反対(はんたい)八重洲(やえす)(がわ)からそのまま(えき)(はな)れて()くと、日本橋(にほんばし)(東海道五十三次(とうかいどうごじゅうさんつぎ)始点(してん)) に()きます。日本橋(にほんばし)から(みなみ)(つづ)広道(こうどう)(すす)むと銀座(ぎんざ)(つな)がっています。銀座(ぎんざ)()場合(ばあい)は、東京(とうきょう)(えき)よりも有楽町(ゆうらくちょう)(えき)から()かれた(ほう)(ちか)く、距離(きょり)はたった(やく)350mです。





In the last newsletter, I introduced Shinbashi, the birthplace of Japanese railroads. The next station on the Yamanote Line counterclockwise from Shinbashi is Yurakucho, and after Yurakucho is Tokyo. Tokyo Station is known as Marunouchi on the inside of the Yamanote Line, and Yaesu on the outside. If you exit on the Marunouchi side and continue straight ahead, you will see the buildings for the Mitsubishi group of companies. Continuing past these buildings, you will reach the Imperial Palace. On the other hand, if you leave the station on the Yaesu side, you will arrive at Nihonbashi (the beginning of the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido). From Nihonbashi, take the wide road leading south to Ginza. If you want to go to Ginza, it is closer to Yurakucho Station than to Tokyo Station. However, the distance from Yurakucho Station to Tokyo Station is only about 350 meters.

Get off at Yurakucho and walk outside the Yamanote Line to Ginza, then walk north to Nihonbashi. Between these locations, you will find stores selling brand-name products from around the world. Here you will also find the Mitsukoshi Department Store. At night, Ginza is lined with many restaurants, clubs, and bars. This area has the highest land prices in all of Japan.

The Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station, on the other hand, is a business district but has recently been redeveloped with many restaurants in the skyscrapers. The Imperial Palace has a 5km circuit with no traffic lights and is crowded with runners and walkers. There are also the Metropolitan Police Department, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the National Diet, and other buildings around the Imperial Palace. Making a walk around the palace a good sightseeing option.

This is the end of my explanation of the Yamanote Line. Tokyo is not a city that can be seen in a day. I hope you will enjoy Tokyo the next time you visit Japan.

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