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There is a rather unusual town in Tokyo. It's called Akihabara, and it's located between Kanda Station and Okachimachi on the Japan Rail Yamanote Line. There are still many stores here that sell products and parts related to electricity and electronics in this popular "Electric Town" which is known as AKIBA to many people. It is said to be the birthplace of "otaku" and there are many "maid cafes." In front of the station, there are many women (and girls) dressed in maid costumes calling out for customers.

AKB of the song group AKB 48 also means "Akihabara." There is also an AKB 48 studio in front of the station, as well as a Gundam Cafe. Needless to say, if you are looking to buy computers, cameras, or electronic devices, there are many large and small specialty stores. There are a few duty-free stores to enjoy as well. Also, on weekends, the road running through the center of the city is closed for vehicles and open to pedestrians.

Consider this an introduction to Akihabara, a place you should visit when you are in Tokyo.

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