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Common sayings used by Japanese people

There are some words that you often hear when you talk in Japanese. Let me introduce them to you today.

"Hmm, hmm”
When you are listening to what someone is saying, it means that you are listening.

Used when you are surprised by something.

Used to confirm that something is true, or when you are surprised.

The meaning is the same as "seriously".

Used when you are impressed by something.

When you miss something, or when you don't understand something, you can say "e" again.

Used when you are disappointed with something.

Used when you don't understand what you heard.

Used when you want to hear a conclusion. "It is derived from "So, what happened?

Used when you don't know the answer to a question you've been asked.

This word is used when you see something terrible.

A colloquial form of "dassai," which means "unattractive".

A shortened form of "disgusting," is used to describe something dirty.

Today I have introduced a few words that are commonly used in colloquial speech. If you know of any you don't see listed here, please let me know in the comments section of this blog entry at https://en.bloguru.com/japaneseonline/.

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