Dialect-specific phrases

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    • Brandon Kirt on #4986

      So there are many dialects of Japanese around the country, the ‘standard’ Tokyo/Kanto dialect and humorous Osaka/Kansai dialect being the two most recognized.
      Some nifty Kansai-ben (as it is known in Japan) phrases I’ve heard:

      なんでやねん (nande yanen) – What the heck?
      ちゃうちゃう (chau chau) – No, no (that’s wrong)
      ほんまや (honma ya) – No kidding/ That’s true!
      あかん (akan) – That’s bad!

      There are many other dialects around Japan, if you’ve heard of any/know some cool phrases let me know!

    • Mariko Adams on #4988

      じぇじぇじぇ(Je Je Je)- Used when you are surprised or impressed.
      by あまちゃん (Japanese tv drama!)

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