Japanese Online Newsletter Vol. 124 各国の通勤について(かっこくのつうきんについて)

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アメリカでは、NY などの一部(いちぶ)都市(とし)(のぞ)き、(おお)くの地域(ちいき)(くるま)通勤(つうきん)一般的(いっぱんてき)です。また、リモートから社員(しゃいん)をオフィスに()(もど)会社(かいしゃ)()えてきており、パンデミック(ちゅう)には()られなかったラッシュ()渋滞(じゅうたい)発生(はっせい)しています。日本(にほん)都市部(としぶ)にお()まいの(かた)ですと、電車(でんしゃ)通勤(つうきん)をされる(かた)(おお)いかと(おも)います。一方(いっぽう)ヨーロッパでは地球(ちきゅう)温暖化(おんだんか)抑制(よくせい)のため、自転車(じてんしゃ)通勤(つうきん)推進(すいしん)されており、それが浸透(しんとう)(はじ)めている(くに)もあるようです。


Commuting in Different Countries

In the wake of the pandemic, many of you switched to working remotely. In many countries, people have accepted that Covid-19 is just a part of our lives now. So, we’re all gradually returning to our daily routines.

In many parts of the U.S., other than a few states like New York, commuting by car is the norm. Currently, a lot of companies are switching back to working on-site, resulting in rush hour traffic jams that didn’t exist during lockdown. If you live in an urban area in Japan, you probably commute by train. On the other hand, Europe promotes commuting by bicycle to reduce global warming. So, that’s also becoming more popular in other countries.

Just by looking at one aspect of "commuting," we can learn about the culture and characteristics of each country.

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